Vibrating feeder manufacture

Vibrating feeders are a fundamental elements in the production systems of various industrial sectors: these elements are, in fact, indispensable for automatic feeding in those production cycles in which components, generally small in size, are treated and loaded in large numbers at random. Osca.Cornara, based in Olginate, near Lecco, is highly specialised in the design and manufacture of this type of machinery used in numerous production industries. Active since the late 1970s in the field of industrial automation and patents, the company Lombard is ready to provide equipment capable of rendering mass production more efficient in many different application areas: electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, agri-foodstuffs and the pharmaceutical industry.

Circular and linear vibrating bases

The range of vibrating feeders manufactured by Osca.Cornara includes models with linear and circular bases, designed to suit various necessities for different automation systems. Each piece of equipment has an electrical control system that permits the variation of vibration intensity, as well as the rotation direction from clockwise to counter-clockwise at any time. The range of articles produced by our company includes models with different dimensions, load capacity, power supply voltage and various accessories such as sensors and soundproofing hoods. Navigate the different sections of the site to discover the specific characteristics of each model, or contact us through the form for more information or for custom requests.

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